METTA Tshirt






Product Details:

This auspicious collection of collared shirts draws inspiration from intricate patterns by Luang Pho Joy, Wat Samakkhib Bappha (Wat Bang Sare), Chonburi Province. It celebrates the festival of happiness. The special collection derives its design inspiration from the highlights of Pattaya city, incorporating elephant motifs into its patterns. According to belief, elephants are symbols of domesticity and community, revered for their auspicious qualities.

Supporting : Whoever encounters these shirts will experience love, admiration, and good fortune.

Blessing: Each t-shirt has been blessed Luang Pho Joy on December 19, 2023.

Special Note: A portion of the proceeds will go towards supporting the Wat Samakkhib Bappha (Wat Bang Sare), Chonburi Province.

100% Cotton


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