The history of 'Wat Phutthaphrom Yan"


The history of 'Wat Phutthaphrom Yan"

'Wat Phutthaphom Yan' is a temple located on a small island adjacent to the Bang Pakong River (Ko Lut Island), in Chachoengsao Province. The abbot, Phra Phlad Ekkalak Phannakhammo, serves as the head monk. He is known for his courageous faith in Buddhism and his connection to the spiritual lineage of Luang Pho Ru Si Ling Dam, of Tha Sung Temple.

Looking back to when the abbot first arrived on this island, he felt a sense of peace and tranquility, prompting him to meditate with the aspiration to develop it into a beautiful temple if he had the opportunity.

Currently, the temple has been beautifully constructed with white tones, facilitated by the devoted efforts of relatives, allowing for rapid development. Prominent features include the Glass Pavilion adorned with glass mosaics, a 1-rai Sala used for religious ceremonies, and an ongoing construction of a Buddha Hall intended for meditation.

Another distinctive feature of Wat Phutthaphon Yan is the unique yantra (sacred geometric design) of Phra Phlad Ekkalak Phannakhammo, which subtly embodies compassion towards the faithful. MURICO has incorporated four examples of these yantras for admiration.

1. Namo Budda Haya: translates to "Safe and sound," and it conveys the meaning of being secure and free from harm.

2. Na Cha li ti : the meaning of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune.

3. Metta : the meaning of love, compassion, empathy, and supportive encouragement

4. 5 Precepts : the meaning of blessings, prosperity, and happiness.

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