Chee Chin Khor is the Dragon Pavilion


Chee Chin Khor is the Dragon Pavilion

May I receive blessings and positive energy from the Dragon's Belly location, the heart of Bangkok, Chee Chin Khor Society. 
On the west side of the Bangkok River,Thai features meet Chinese Buddhist architecture. The first pagoda  on Chee Chin Khor is the Dragon Pavilion." Thai styled Buddha images stand with Chinese deities in rooms with East Asian interior decors and grottoes. Next, at the back, please bless the Buddha shrine, which consists of three exquisite Buddha statues.

Consisting of the Buddha, the fully enlightened one, who has attained liberation from the cycle of birth and death. Guan Yin,Ji Gong and in the third area, there are divine statues enshrined on the central pedestal, including the heavenly emperor known to Thais as 'Guan Sheng Di Jun' and another important highlight is the 8-tiered pagoda, or the Great Pagoda of the Thai-Chinese Great Lord Jom Thatsadari
It's like making a wish to receive good things.

  • The first floor is where the vase of longevity and the symbol of Yin Yang
  • The second floor is dedicated to the revered image of Vajiranyanasamvara 
  • The third floor  is dedicated to the Earth goddess a Chinese deity, the goddess of the land and the earth
  • The fourth floor enshrines the Chinese deity associated with wealth, known to us as the Cai Shen
  • The fifth floor enshrines the deity Ji Gong, who embodies Buddhist virtues and is filled with influence and blessings
  • The sixth floor is dedicated to the deity Tiger God, believed to grant requests related to work and finances
  • The seventh floor is dedicated to the deity Maha Brahma Trai Wisut, ruling over the celestial realm, humans, and spirits
  • The eighth floor enshrines the Great Pagoda, the supreme relic pagoda, along with Reclining Buddha 

    In addition, the location of Chee Chin Khor is also considered an auspicious place, situated by the Chao Phraya River, known as the 'Dragon's Belly Point. It is believed that this point is suitable for receiving positive energy

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