Top 3 Talismans: Kruba Krissana, the Global Reach of Thai Buddhist Faith.


Top 3 Talismans: Kruba Krissana, the Global Reach of Thai Buddhist Faith.

One of Thailand's most renowned Soft Powers that has reached global fame is the sacred talisman, adorned with exquisite and eye-catching colors, and rich with revered Buddhist virtues. This talisman stands out uniquely, attracting disciples and admirers from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and beyond, who come to pay homage and seek blessings. Among all the sacred talismans, none is more revered and sought after than those associated with Kruba Krissana, of the Wat Tha Sung School in Nakhon Ratchasima.

Butterfly amulet or Phrom Jamleng Phom, has an intricate design resembling a butterfly spreading its wings when viewed. If observed closely, two great deities appear: Phra Phakkath Phra Siva and Phra Phakkath Phra Mae Uma Devi. This symbolizes the balance of nature, signifying the potential for change—transforming for the better depending on one's intentions. Thus, adversity can turn into goodness through transformation

The virtues of Buddhism, its strength in various aspects, whether enhancing charm and love, utmost compassion and popularity, charming those who encounter it, fostering loving relationships, excelling in negotiation and salesmanship, being able to sell anything with words, calling forth wealth and gold as desired by mouth and heart, supporting success in endeavors and business ventures, attracting fortune to flow abundantly, and having more than enough money and gold to use.


The Carpenter Bee Charm
The amulet from the Shan State of Myanmar is believed to be the auspicious companion animal of Lord Burinnaung, the auspicious animal leading to victories in all ten directions. It enhances fortune, protects against malevolent intentions, and brings prosperity. Adorned with the auspicious color resembling the kindness of Kruba Krissana, it fosters love, safeguards against negative energies, and ensures smooth business negotiations without obstacles.

The Buddhist virtues are believed to be attained through worshiping the "The Carpenter Bee. " This practice is said to bring about prosperity, abundance, good fortune, and financial stability. It also provides protection against all dangers and guards against malicious intentions and black magic. It is suitable for those who engage in business negotiations locally or internationally. Worshiping the Dragonfly Amulet is often done to enhance business prospects, making buying and selling smooth and facilitating business operations.

Spider Trap Wealth

The antlion is a unique creature that doesn't need to venture out for food. Once prey or food enters its pit, it traps it with its jaws, ensuring a steady supply of nourishment. Similarly, running a business is like mastering the art of the antlion, trapping wealth. It's akin to operating a business to lure prey, assets, customers, luck, and prosperity. This makes it easy for them to come and stick around.

Buddhist virtues enhance financial aspects and business dealings.

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