May I receive blessings and positive energy from the Dragon's Belly location, the heart of Bangkok, Chee Chin Khor Society

It has a large and beautiful Prang with unique and intricate designs that are rare to find, the beautiful architecture, standing majestically by the Chao Phraya River.

The trick to blessings from Goddess Thapthim or TUI BUE TENG NIANG SHRINE. People commonly blessings for business, investments, health, prosperity, and child

Believed to be a place of strong positive energy, very suitable for making offerings and seeking blessings

Life is stuck, not smooth, boost morale with merit at Good luck gate, Wat Kalayanamit

A famous monk who created Thai amulets that gained international fame with the "Butterfly amulet" by Kruba Krissana Inthawanno.

Kruba Krissana Inthawanno's sacred amulets are renowned for their profound Buddhist virtues and sanctity. They are highly esteemed not only locally but also across distant places like China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The exemplary development monk of Chonburi, known for the teaching 'Metta Na Metta,' which means love and compassion, the goodwill that brings happiness to others.

The history of Luang Phor Pern, a monk of the people, continues to inspire. Although he passed away over 20 years ago, the goodness of Luang Por Pern remains a cherished memory for those who have faith in him.

When mentioning the legend of the tiger tattoo (Suea Phen Yantra), it originates from Luang Por Pern Thitakunō. Even the famous rare amulets, like Luang Por Pern riding a tiger, are attributed to him.

The sacred tattoos of Phra Ajarn Ekkalak from Wat Phutthaphom Yan are distinctive with unique patterns, interpreting Buddhist virtues based on the highest aspirations of humans in four aspects.

Wat Phutthaphrom Yan is a temple situated on a small island adjacent to the Bang Pakong River (Ko Lut Island), in Chachoengsao Province.

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We believe that you must have seen amulets through your ears and eyes at some point, more or less. "Yan tra" is an auspicious object or sacred emblem familiar in Thai society.

สาวสายมูต้องเช็คด่วน! สีเสื้อมงคล 2566 ปีเถาะ นี้ ใส่เสื้อสีไหนดีที่จะช่วยเสริมความปังในด้านต่างๆ

ตัวอย่างก็มีให้เห็น อย่างเช่น เหล่าบรรดา ดาราสายมู ที่มาสายกราบไหว้บูชาสิ่งศักดิ์สิทธิ์ ปฏิบัติธรรม


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