Chao Mae Thapthim Shrine (Samsen)


Chao Mae Thapthim Shrine (Samsen)

 The shrine of Goddess Taptim or TUI BUE TENG NIANG SHRINE. For blessings, it starts with placing two candle sticks at the front of the shrine. Recommended that while placing the candle sticks, also make a silent prayer for blessings, so that our lives may shine brightly as if guided by the light of these paired candle sticks. Followed by placing 3 joss sticks and praying for blessings from Goddess Taptim
Use 3 joss sticks for  Goddess Tian Hou Mazu
Use 3 joss sticks for Pun Tao Kong 
Use 3 joss sticks for God Guan Yu
Use 3 joss sticks for all the God 
Use 1 joss stick for Bell of Honor
Use 1 joss stick for the drum.

This drum will be struck three times by someone, indicating that we have come to make offerings and seek blessings.
Use 1 joss stick Guardian of the Left and 1 joss stick for  right Gate
Use 5 joss stick for Fairy of Heaven and Earth
After that, blessings. Make a  wish to  be specific. What do you wish for? Tell everything you desire. The trick to blessings from Goddess Taptim is to stand in front of her so she can see your face clearly.

In addition of love, people also commonly blessings for business, investments,health, prosperity, and child. After completing the blessing, don't forget to fill up the oil into a lantern to make your life clear. Burn silver and gold paper so everything will be complete.


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