Metta Na Metta: The Kindness and Goodwill from the Development Monk of Chonburi


Metta Na Metta: The Kindness and Goodwill from the Development Monk of Chonburi

"Metta Na Metta"

The goodwill that brings happiness to others
By Phra Khru Kasem Kittisophon, also known as Phra Ajarn Joy
Abbot of Wat Samakkhibanphot (Wat Bang Sare Nok), Chonburi Province

Phra Ajarn Joy is a development monk with a compassionate heart. Whenever any event causes distress or hardship to the people, he organizes the distribution of necessary items to the affected individuals. He is always ready to assist the local community, providing ongoing support and aid to those in need.

An incident that brought more recognition to Phra Ajarn Joy involved his intervention during a critical situation. A man, overwhelmed with stress due to the impact of COVID-19, climbed a high cell tower with the intent to commit suicide. Phra Ajarn Joy successfully persuaded the man to come down safely. In addition, he gifted the man a refrigerator and other comforting items to encourage him to continue fighting for his life. This act of kindness earned widespread admiration from the community.

Phra Ajarn Joy is a model development monk known for his compassion. He often imparts teachings and advice to his disciples and the laity, encapsulated in the phrase "Metta Na Metta," which means love, kindness, and goodwill that brings happiness to others. Phra Ajarn Joy's compassion is not merely a teaching to remind and enlighten his disciples; he also exemplifies this virtue through his actions. He extends his "heartfelt kindness" to those in distress, providing aid and support to those facing hardships. Furthermore, he leads his disciples and the laity in spreading compassion to others, evident in his daily routines.

In addition to his compassion and acts of kindness, Phra Ajarn Joy has also set an example for the laity by initiating the practice of forgoing funeral wreaths. Instead, he encourages the donation of practical items such as fans and rice. After the funeral, these items are distributed to those in need, thus creating merit and providing ongoing benefits to others.

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